Assignment 2 iBook – Teacher Page

This Unit of Work designed as an iBook has been created for Stage 5, for a year 10 class.


The Unit of Work focuses on the topic Theatre Music which follows an analysis of The Phantom of the Opera. The Unit of Work analyses three music concepts such as Pitch, Dynamics and Expressive Techniques and Tone Colour. Extension students will also analyse two extra concepts such as Duration and Texture. 

Prior Learning

Students should be familiar with all six concepts of music and their chosen instrument if they wish to perform or compose. Students must be be also familiar with Garage Band and Sibelius, which are forms of ICT thats are important for students development.

 Special Needs Student – Extension

This Unit of Work is designed for students who are gifted and talented in music and excel in composition.

Emily a gifted student who excels in composition enjoys creating music of any form whether it be electronic music using samples and traditional music notation. Emily is a trained classical piano player with her grade 6 certificate from AMEB, she shows great discipline in her art form which is translated into composition creating outstanding pieces for her age. Emily is able to work on her compositions for hours when her creative light bulb switches on, she is also a perfectionist when it comes to her work and others work. Emily is also very familiarised with all six concepts of music and is able to use the correct terminology when describing changes to a excerpt or to an analysis. However being strong in all learning outcomes Emily still struggles to perform in front of her peers as she fears of being not good enough.

Special Needs Student  – Remediation

David is a special needs student who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum and high functioning. David is able to do everything a core student would be able to but at a slower pace as he also struggles with literacy and writing. David enjoys performing and playing his favourite instrument the guitar and it’s the only thing he likes to talk about with others, his social skills are under developed which causes him to isolate himself from the class. However his peers have welcomed him into the classroom with open arms and he seems to acknowledge this has happened. As a high functioning student David likes routine and is fond of keeping time making sure he is always on time too class, and the first to leave when the bell goes off. David is always willing to have a go at his work in class on his own and tries his best to improve every week to please the teacher.

iBook Link Core & Extension

iBook Link Remediation



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