Assessment 2 – Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber – is set in the Paris Opera House where it follows two main characters, Christine Daae and the Phantom. The Phantom is musical genius who is physically deformed and lives within the opera’s walls, who Christine thinks in the ‘Angel of Music’.


Throughout this topic of Theatre Music for Stage 5 Year 10, we will cover one learning experience during this lesson, which is Listening. Over the learning experience you will require prior knowledge of music concepts, music notation forms and ICT knowledge. This prior knowledge will help you develop your music literacy and knowledge to uncover what Theatre Music is.

Over this lesson you will be focusing on three music concepts such as Texture, Dynamics and Expressive Techniques and Tone Colour. For extension students you will focus on four concepts which you can choose of the remaining three.

Each music concept will consist of four questions that will allow you to critically analyse the song with the reference of your prior knowledge in the concepts will be helpful in completing this activity. You will need to revise the two songs both are ‘Music of the Night’ the difference is they are performed by different artist.

Below the questions you find the videos and compare the differences in your answers for each concept.


1. Define the texture of the song Music of the Night? e.g thick or thin

2. Describe the relationship between the layers of sound in texture using the layers of sound?

3. Identify in graphic notation using sections such as A,B,C  describe the layer and the role of the instruments?

4. How to the layers of instruments or sound interact with each other? e.g similar, contrary motion etc.

Dynamics and Expressive Techniques

1.Describe the expressive techniques used by the orchestra for the song Music of the Night?

2. Are there any sudden changes within the dynamics of the song?

3. what is the overall dynamics of the song? and how does it create mood?

4. What section of the orchestra is creating the smooth legato? and why?

Tone Colour

1. What is the role of the strings section in Music of the Night?

2. What tone colour words best describe Music of the Night?

3. Define the role of the performing media (instruments)?

4.  Explain how is the voice of the Phantom using tone colour to express his feelings ?

Once you have completed all the questions you are to upload them to music YR -10 Dropbox folder named Phantom of the Opera – Listening for marking.



Phantom of the Opera ‘Music of the Night’ – Movie (2004) Staring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum


Phantom of the Opera ‘Music of the Night’ – Original Version – Staring Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman


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