Welcome to Australia – David Hirschfelder (Australia/Film)

Welcome to Australia is a song written by Australian composer David Hirschfelder for the movie Australia directed by Baz Luhrmann.

In this unit of work, we will be analyzing this song indepth and focusing on two concepts of music such as Texture and Tone Colour. Go through the list of learning activities listed below (all must be completed)


Step 1: Firstly you need to set –up a Garage Band session. In previous lessons we have learnt to use the basics of Garage Band so please! use those skills.

Step 2: In the handout that I have given you in class I have given you the requirements to complete this activity. For those who have misplaced here is a brief overview

‘You are to use the key of C (tonic) using a pentatonic melody line; this is to be done using the computers in class with the software of Garage Band. You are to incorporate Australian Aboriginal sounds e.g. clapping sticks, didgeridoo etc. which will in turn create a traditional composition piece inspired by Australian sounds’.

Step 3: once you have finished your composition export it to the desktop to burn on to a CD. Once this has been hand it into me to be marked.

Step 4: don’t be afraid to share your work with others and give feedback to further improve your work.

Step 1: create a new document in Microsoft office

Step 2: in the next few steps you will listen to a YouTube video from 0:14 to 1:10  and you will be looking at Texture and Tone Colour for your concepts.

Step 3: after you have listened to the video answer the following questions

1. Identify the layers of sound in the excerpt?

2. Identify the operating texture?

3. Describe the role of the performing instruments?

4. In four words describe the tone colour?

Extension Question

5. In graphic notation outline each layer and separate them into three sections A,B and C, and explain how the texture moves from thick to thin?

Step 4: Once finished save and print out a hard copy and paste it into your books for marking.

Step 1: Create a new document in Microsoft office.

Step 2: you will now begin a research case study of a brief overview of Aboriginal music.

Step 3: your case study will consist of the follow five questions

1. Describe Aboriginal music giving a brief overview from where it originated?

2. Discuss ‘Welcome to Australia’ and what year it was written?

3. Describe the different Aboriginal music instruments e.g. didgeridoo, clapping sticks, vocals etc.?

4. Explain the different terms used in Aboriginal music e.g. oral tradition, song cycle and Corroboree?

5. List two famous Aboriginal artists?

Step 4: Once finished save and print out a hard copy and paste it into your books for marking.


Step 1: choose an Australian song from the list below

· click go the shears

· Waltzing Matilda and

· Botany Bay.

Step 2: you are to choose from two instruments to play from: guitar and piano

Step 3: you will then over the double period practice your chosen piece till you are satisfied to perform it in front of the class

Step 4: GET READY! Performance time has come (this will be done at the end of the double period)


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