Week 2 – Powderfinger/ Burn Your Name

1. Layers?

the roles of the layers in this song is to create a storyline each layer is introduced separately in the intro, each layer works as a stepping stone for the next that will follow.

There are 7 layers of sound, and they are:

Drums,  lead electric guitar, rhythmic electric guitar, main vocals, backing vocals, synths, bass

the way they relate to each other is by rhythmic pattern that each instrument is producing.

2. Density?

texture is quiet thick throughout the whole piece, however it does change at the bridge at about 2:27 where you can only hear the synths and vocals making this part of the BYN thin in texture

3. the type of texture used in this song is homophonic as you can hear many layers but mostly we can hear the main melody as it stands out more than any other of the instruments used in this piece. The other layers form the harmonic accompaniment that pretty much follow the same rhythm.


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