Activity Two

This activity will be based on group work, performing and improvising. A song called is Naive- The Kooks reinterpreted Lilly Allen- Naive

part 1

form groups of  3 or 4 to create a small ensemble. In each group there should be at lest 1 singer and 1 guitarist.

The aim is to reinterpret the song into another sub genre of popular music such as the song naive which originally is rock then reinterpreted into pop music by Lilly Allen.

In the re-interpretation of the song each member of the group must incorporate some improvisation for 1 minute of the song, this can be done by scatting in vocals changing the lyrics, guitars a short riff staying in key, and drummers a short solo.

Here are two examples of the songs.

orignal song the kooks – naive

reinterpreted cover- Lilly Allen – naive

Part 2

This part will be done in class and a debate will be set up of two teams discussing which band and artist did the song naive justice this will be done using musical concepts and each song will be played once for familiarisation.   


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