Major Assessment

Get ready to perform!

Toy Story

Step 1:  For this assessment you are to form groups of 4 or five max to form an ensemble to perform a mix bag interpretation of the song You’ve Got A Friend In Me composed by Randy Newman

Step 2: click the link below to guide you to all the music parts of the mix bag ensemble so you can download them for further investigation.

Original Sounding Theme You’ve Got A friend In Me link here

Step 3: once you have chosen the parts of your mix bag ensemble you are to practice with your group in each double period over the next few weeks so at the end of the process your group will perform the interpretation of your mix bag ensemble to the class.

Step 4: during your performance to the class you will assessed and recorded by the following outcomes and make sure to use the two main focus music concepts Tone Colour and Dynamics and Expressive Techniques. 


4.2 performs music using different forms of notation and different types of technology across a broad range of musical styles.

4.3 performs music demonstrating solo and/or ensemble awareness. 

4.12 demonstrates a developing confidence and willingness to engage in performing, composing and listening experiences 




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