Class Activity 1

Step 1: in this activity you will learn how to create your own rhythm using four different chords. The four different chords are made up from the C Major scale as seen here:


Step 2: Use this staff as an example to arrange your chords in Sibelius as you desire before you commence on creating your own rhythm.


Step 3: using this rhythm pattern use the chord notes to construct your own tune using Sibelius.


Step 4: once you have constructed your own tune using the rhythm pattern and chords let your peers listen to your work for feedback.

Step 5: when finished writing your tune print out your activity and glue it into your books for further marking.


Major Assessment


compose an 8 bar Film theme in  C Major (only using white notes of the keyboard) using a variety of note values and rests, set to ONE of the following theme styles:

  1. Action                                   Am  G   Am  G   F    G   Am  Am
  2. Awesome & Majestic          C      F   C     G   F    G   G     C
  3. Suspense                             Am   F   G     C   Am   F  G    Am

these three styles have already been set up in a template on Sibelius linked here

You will have FOUR weeks to your on your composition

  1. working out the rhythm and melody
  2. Using dynamics and expressive techniques to create desired feel.

Here is a tutorial video to help you start up a session in Sibelius

Outcomes you will be assessed on:

4.4 demonstrates an understanding of musical concepts through exploring, experimenting, improvising, organising, arranging and composing 

4.5 notates compositions using traditional and/or non-traditional notation 

4.12 demonstrates a developing confidence and willingness to engage in performing, composing and listening experiences 



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